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Energy Claims Explained

Actual Cost of energy 10p/pkw

Hidden Broker Commission 1p/pkw

Your energy bill shows 11p/pkw

Supplier pays your Broker 1p/pkw

Ofgem released a report on 28th March 2022 confirming Businesses are being Mis-sold and decided to change the “Supplier License Conditions”, forcing them to disclose commissions on Contracts and Bills from October 2022.

A conflict of interest is created when Brokers are incentized with hidden commission to promote a supplier or contract that is better of them, instead of one that is best for the business.

The example on the left highlights how the commission is hidden in the unit price. In this example an electric contract of 5 years, with 1 1p/kw uplift and annual consumption of 60,000 would equate to a broker commission of £30,000.00

This mis-selling has been defined by Ofgem, and you can claim a refund directly from your supplier. We work on a no win, no fee basis, so you have nothing to lose by making a claim, and you could get up to 30% of your entire energy spend refunded.

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We package your case to deliver a quick and successful claim. There are many examples of firms cutting corners, only to see case rejected at a later date by the legal teams.

We charge no upfront payment and work on a No win, No fee basis, capped at 30%. Many companies charge “set up” fees and “success” fees of up to 50%.

We have consulted with KC (King’s Council) to understand “true” claim values, we do not inflate the value to get your business, potentially jeopardising your claim.

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